Stainless Steel Straw




Stainless Steel Straw

Apple and Rhubarb have 6mm stainless steel bent or straight straws. These straws are 6mm diameter by 215m long. They are staight or bent depending on your drinking experience. Each 6mm straw comes with a coloured silicone ring so it is easier to tell whos drink is whos.

Also available are 12mm straight stainless steel straws. These straws are perfect for smoothies or thick drinks.

All straws are made with 304 stainless steel.

Straws are sold
individually or
in a set of 4 (this set includes an added straw brush to keep the straw in a usable condition)

Straws are light weight and very convenient. They can be used at home or when you are out and about.
No need to use single use plastic straws anymore.
Grab yourself a set of reusable straws today

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single bent straw, single straight
Straw, large smoothy straw, straw brush, set of 4 straws inc straw brush


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