Stainless Steel 12mm Straws


Stainless Steel 12mm Straws


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Stainless Steel 12mm Straws

These straws are suitable for bubble tea or thick smoothies

Stainless steel straws are the positive alternative to single-use plastic straws that just end up in the landfill or in the oceans, rivers, lakes and other waterways that our marine life lives in.

This impacts their life greatly in a negative way, by affecting their health when they eat plastic straws or get them stuck in their airways or stomach.

Apple and Rhubarb have a choice of straws for you to choose from 6mm straight, 6mm slightly bent or 12mm straight smoothie straws

Priced at $2 per straw for any size and $1.50 for a straw cleaning brush

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12mm Straw, Straw brush


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