Natural Washing Soda


Natural Washing Soda



Natural Washing Soda

Otherwise known as Sodium Carbonate

This washing soda is all natural (not synthetic at all) harvested from deep underground deposits of Sodium Carbonates & Bicarbonates.

It is a perfect product to easily remove dirt and grease and grime from clothes as well as many different surfaces and items.


  • add it to your wash along with the washing powder or detergent to get a cleaner/ softer wash.
  • for removing dirt stuck on silver and glass items.
  • it can be used as a fungicide that can kill mould and mildew in damp areas of the house.
  •  removing burnt pans by soaking washing soda in the pan overnight
  • clean tiles and stonework
  • keep your bins smelling fresh by washing with washing soda
  • clean drains and pipes by using a strong, hot solution of washing soda
  • plus many more uses

** Please use caution while handling washing soda as it may irritate skin and eyes.

Use glasses and gloves to protect yourself from any irritation that could be caused.

Available in 500g bags

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Weight .6 kg


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