Week 3. Plastic Free July Challenge

What a week……

It has been a full-on week, with work and our middle daughter’s birthday party plus 2 family birthday parties to continue the celebrations.

Week 3’s Plastic collection

I feel like we attracted plastic this week! Some of the items which increased my single-use plastic use this week were lolly packets, biscuits and chips for our daughters’ party, making party food, husband getting ready for his work presentations, birthday presents wrappers, plus meat packaging, some frozen beans packet and milk, cheese and cream containers. I also received a couple of parcels in the mail with Australia post plastic packaging and one contained bubble wrap also.

This challenge has been great although, I have also found it disheartening when I see all the single-use plastic I still use. I also know that this is just a minuscule amount compared to say the towns use.

As per the Plastic Free July’s website “It is important to remember the plastics you have managed to avoid and not focus on what you can’t and celebrate the small wins.”

Click on the link to see what changes you could do to reduce your plastic use Plastic Free July

I refuse to use single-use cups, straws, produce bags or shopping bags. It is a small change but one that we can all adapt to and continue to do.

One week to go, let’s make this the best week yet……

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