Bath Bomb Classes

Last week I decided to try something out that I hadn’t done before… Run BATH BOMB MAKING CLASSES!!!

I put an advertisement up on Facebook and BOOM, within 2 hours I had filled 4 classes and had many more people requesting placing. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. I was blown away. I had to put on 5 more classes.

The classes showed adults and kids how to make all natural bath bombs using simple ingredients and using natural colourings.

There is no need for fake colours or scents and it is no good for growing bodies, natural is the only way to go.

Some commercial Bath Bombs may include; Parabens which are known to upset the endocrine system. Phthalates which have been known to decrease sperm count and hormone levels as well as being linked to some forms of cancers and artificial dyes which can have links to neuron damage. None of these things I want in my system or the bodies of my near and dear.

I will be running future classes as well as taking booking for parties.

If you want to make more bath bombs at home, I have take-home packs available which include; basic ingredients, instructions and a stainless steel mould.

If you would like to host a party send me a message at jade@appleandrhubarb.com.au with your requirements and I will send you through the specifics!! Happy bath bomb making!!

Check out my bath bomb making blog for recipe and instructions (still to come)

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