Week 1 Plastic Free July Challenge

Well, it was easy to see that despite my efforts, I wasn’t able to be plastic free for the first week.

That doesn’t mean that it was a failure. No, it certainly wasn’t. It has caused me to become more aware of what I purchase and choose to use. It made me become just a little (as I know that I still have more to do) bit more organised, in relation to meal planning.

I did a HUGE shop at my bulk food shop Terra Madre and even though I took my own bags, I still unfortunately brought home some plastic packaging (not as much as if I was to shop at the regular supermarkets)

5kg of rice and 10kg of flour came in plastic bags. They now only stock coconut in pre-packaged plastic bags instead of paper. I also bought a 1kg tub of organic yoghurt and am planning on never buying yoghurt again (big call) but will make it myself starting with some of the organic yoghurts as a starter.

One of my daughters had a friend sleep over and she wanted some lollies for a “midnight feast”. I also added the packages of these to my box of plastic used this month. I also added plastic milk bottles and a plastic bag from another butcher.

Daughters updated the box saying “more pollution (in) the world”

All plastic bags and soft plastic packaging items (ones that can be crushed in your hands) can be taken to the REDcycle Bins at Coles and Woolworths stores. Below is what is left from week 1 after taking the rest to REDcycle

I had a couple of laminated pages and the base of a container. I need to find out if REDcycle will take zip ties (I will email them and report back)

Let me know how you are getting along.

Next update: Week 2 round-up

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