July 2 & 3

It is such a challenge with so many products wrapped in plastic and stored in plastic.

July 2 was again finishing off products in the pantry and fridge. We had feta from the deli wrapped in a plastic bag and then paper and finished a loaf of bread. I haven’t been very successful in making bread, but I really want to improve so I can make bread that the family enjoys instead of buying it.

Otherwise, we bought all our fruit and veggies using the Apple and Rhubarb Reusable Produce Bags so yay for no single-use plastic on this outing.

Day 2

July 3, I made pizza bases for lunch. I used purple corn flour and chickpea flour for something different (according to 8 year old it was just “Yuck!”)

I went to the local supermarket to buy some eggs, flour and sugar plus a couple of other things.

I only buy organic milk, flour and sugar and all 3 of these products are only sold in plastic packaging in my local supermarket.

My usual shopping spot is about an hours drive away and this is a whole-foods store (Terra Madre) where I purchase bulk nuts, spices, grains, flours, plus much more and this will last me at least a month. Products can be purchased in paper bags or alternatively, you can BYO containers/bags. I hope to get there soon and will be stocked to make a majority of my own foods for the rest of the month.

Day 3 – Pastry sheets have plastic sheets between the sheets (convenience is why i have these) , sour cream and kids had some icy-poles from the freezer.

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