My Plastic Free July Challenge

July 1

Day One: Off to a flying start to my Plastic-free month today with only a minor hiccup… The family used the food we already had in the house for breakfast and lunch and we worked most of the day in the garden without much thought about dinner plans. When we came inside the girls were already hungry and I decided to make a satay dish with rice. I was planning on using just some veggies but hubby was keen on chicken being added. There wasn’t any in the fridge or freezer so knowing I had to get chicken I went to the local butcher with my glass container ready.

I asked for 2kg of chicken and asked for it to be put into the glass container I provided. I thought that the butcher understood, but he picked up 2kg of chicken in a single-use plastic bag and then placed the bag into my glass container. Doh!

As you can see I have a box ready, as a visual for me to see how much plastic I actually have at the end of July.

Not a bad start but I don’t want to end up with 30 plastic bags at the end of the month so next time I will have to try a different strategy for purchasing meat…Any suggestions welcome!

One thought on “My Plastic Free July Challenge

  1. Nicole says:

    Well done Jade. Thanks for always being the voice on my shoulder reminding me to be more conscious of our choices. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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