Reduce the plastics


Plastic waste is responsible for irreversible and immeasurable environmental effects, its negative impact on humans, animals and our waterways are felt around the entire world and been discovered in even our deepest oceans. As humans, we are the sole contributor to this monumental problem which is why we should limit or even better, avoid plastic in our lives.

Zero waste is a huge change, but I want to start to live in a way that can be sustainable for not only me but my whole family. I know that for a busy family this will prove to be a great challenge, but it is one that I want to undertake and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

As of tomorrow, I will begin my challenge, ‘Plastic Free July’. Through this month, I want to simplify mine and my families life and in turn make room for more activities and adventures. I want to be more mindful and live life with intention. Since beginning my low-toxin journey many years ago I have continued to say no to the big four single-use plastic items – cups, straws, bottles and plastic bags, but I know I can do more.

My ideas to start with are: making treats (or learning how to be a better baker) to avoid purchasing pre-packaged goods. This will be a challenge and I will have to be more organised as picking a snack up from the supermarket is an easy thing to do when needing a last minute treat. I will need to have a quick easy go-to recipe and extra goodies in the freezer.

I need to invest in biodegradable postage bags for sending off parcels, as using the current Australia Post bags is a bad choice when it comes to the environment

The positives so far…..

  • we use glass containers to store leftover food in.
  • we wrap messy items or meat/ dairy in newspaper and place them in the bin
  • we have reusable stainless steel drink bottles, reusable travel cups, stainless steel straws to use when we are out and about.
  • we use reusable lunch snack pockets for kids lunches and snacks at school/kinder
  • we use reusable produce bags when buying fruit, vegetables, nuts and dried fruits

So this July I will start my Plastic-Free Journey. I will keep you updated on the successes and challenges that I face throughout this coming month.

Who will join me???? – If this is too much of a task at this stage, there is no reason why you couldn’t give yourself a different challenge. How about trying to limit the amount of rubbish going to landfill. Could you try to halve the amount put into your bin from the week previous? What challenge will you set yourself?

Any change is a good change

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