Refusing single use plastics

May 30, 2016 Jade John No comments exist

Single use plastics are damaging our environment in more ways than one. Refusing or reducing the use of these plastics is essential to the ongoing sustainability of our environment.plastic waste

There is so much unnecessary waste that we dispose of on a daily basis and a majority of it is plastics.

Plastics contain petrochemicals along with other chemicals which can be harmful to us when heated or when in contact with our food.

Also disposed of plastics stay in landfill for a lifetime, unable to break down completely. Not only that, but some of our rubbish ends up in the waterways and pollutes our marine life and therefore, possibly back onto our dinner plates.

I am conscious about this with everything that I purchase and try to reduce the amount of plastic that I buy. I haven’t got it perfected yet but I am happy to have made a start and will continue to improve and inform my family’s choices too.

I once loved the whole tupperware scene and would put everything in a tupperware container or use a handy snap lock bag and a roll of cling film to cover anything that needed it in the fridge. These days I am completely tupperware free using only glass jars and containers to store food in and cling film never enters my front door.

I head to the supermarket and cringe when I remember the reusable shopping bags are still on my kitchen bench so I buy one or two reusable shopping bags when I am there. I never use the bags offered at the supermarket fruit and veggie section and it makes me smile a little each time I refuse to use them.

I will share with you here the ideas I have to reduce single use plastics and I hope you can share some ideas with me so together we are making a change.

  1. Shopping bags – Reusable supermarket ones are a good choice although they are bulky.  I have found many funky lightweight ones on the internet which I am planning on giving a go. An example of the type i am talking about are like this, plasticswhich are available at
  2. Get rid of the cling film — this I have found an easy one to do. I think it is just about getting out of the habit of using it. I researched and imported a great product from Canada named Abeego food wraps. They are made from hemp, organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil. The wraps are suitable to wrap around foods such as cheeses and fruits and veggies. I use mine for the family block of cheese. Once I would use glad wrap to keep it from drying out but now I keep it covered with my Abeego wraps. plasticsThey are also great to cover veggies such as half a cucumber or avocado. These wraps are on sale for the month of June. Check them out hereplastics
  3. Buying in Bulk can also reduce the use or amount of single use plastics. Here is one example; I don’t buy snack sized yoghurt instead I purchase the 1 litre container of natural greek yoghurt and flavour it with frozen fruit. The girls take individual servings in small glass containers with a plastic lid to kinder for their snack.
  4. Single use water bottles – not only are they potentially hazardous to our health with the BPA and other petrochemicals used to manufacture them but they are filling up the landfill and clogging our waterways. Stainless steel or glass water bottles are the way to go. They are reuasable and the water tastes so much better in them plus the added bonus of saving so much money by not having to pay for water. We sell a small selection of Cheeki water bottles. Check out the range here


There are plenty of ways that we can reduce or even refuse to use single use plastics in our household.

What other ideas do you have to reduce your use on single use plastics?

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