Parabens – link to breast cancer

October 8, 2015 Jade John No comments exist

This blog looks at Parabens and their link to breast cancer.

As you may be aware cancer is on the rise and the reason for many is unclear. I am sure that there are many, many causes but I believe one thing is clear. Toxic chemicals have a huge part to play in the increase in cancers, illnesses and conditions being continuously diagnosed.

I know that life was a lot simpler 100 years ago, but I believe and evidence has demonstrated that things that our forefathers did years ago are the way we should be doing them now.

There have been multiple studies done that have found the presence of Parabens in breast cancer tissue therefore creating a strong link between the two.


Why do unnecessary chemicals get added to our products?

For one – Parabens: they are added as a preservative. To inhibit mould or bacteria forming in the products.

Preservatives are not necessarily required. Choosing a product that contains an organic oil-base will eliminate the need for parabens in the product.

When a product/ cosmetic contains water, this is when preservatives are most likely required

As for the preservative free products they are perfect to use.

The use by date is just something that should be adhered to.

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