Hormone disruptors

May 24, 2015 Jade John No comments exist

Hormone disruptors can be avoided.

I will just start off by saying that all these chemicals just scare me. There are so many products that we consume, inhale, apply and wear that contain so many things we just shouldn’t have near ours or our families bodies.

As you know I began my journey into chemicals, around the time when we begun our family and hormone disruptors intrigued me.

Some of these chemicals mimic a natural hormone therefore fooling the body into over responding to a certain stimlus.

I will not knowingly expose my girls to these and other chemicals.

The first step can be fairly easy:


It can be a very overwhelming thing, to think about all that may need to be changed but just remember it is a bonus every little thing that you are able to change or reduce.

Now lately there has been  a lot of talk about BPA free products but BPA isn’t the only toxin in plastics we should avoid.

Plastics also contain phalates, styrene and vinyl. Non of these things are good to expose ourselves to but in a some cases it difficult not to.

These toxins aren’t talked about but are still a problem and therefore I believe they should be avoided.

Drinks for the kids are in stainless steel drink bottles or glasses and food at home on china plates and bowls.  I must admit that there has been a few breakages but the girls soon learnt that they needed to be careful with the breakable dinnerware.

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